Our Purpose

Building Confident Futures for Our Mineral Rights Partners

At BCFP Capital, our core purpose is to build confident futures for mineral rights owners across America—and it’s the beacon that guides our every action. We achieve this goal by offering education, transparency, and exceptional offers to those who partner with us.

We recognize that selling your minerals is a big decision. Our respect for our partners’ rights begins there. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, our team brings unrivaled expertise to efficiently and effectively mineral and royalty investments. We’re proud to be completely self-financed. This means we never need to raise money or flip your assets to close a deal—providing you with an added layer of security.

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Living our Principle Values

To be part of the BCFP Capital team, it’s essential to put our principle values into practice. These values are ingrained in the fabric of our organization, ensuring we consistently fulfill our purpose of building confident futures for every mineral rights owner we partner with. Our core values are as follows:

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Hurricane Recovery

BCFP Capital is extremely proud of our entire team for their selfless efforts in the days following Hurricane Harvey in 2017. At a time when the entire city of Houston was tested, our team put forth countless hours rescuing people from flooded homes and bringing them to safety. We are proud to work with such dedicated and compassionate people. In this video, our President and CEO, Richard Hamilton (first one down the stairs, with a blue American flag shirt), can be seen rescuing an man and his family from their flooded home.


Living our Principle Values

Here are some of our favorite charity groups that we actively participate in and contribute to.

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