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BCFP Capital: Preserving Your Legacy with Mineral Rights

At BCFP Capital, we understand that your land and mineral rights are your legacy, and we want to help your legacy grow in value. By offering true value for your mineral rights, our goal is to help landowners and retirees build financial security, simplify estate planning, and diversify your investment portfolio. That’s why we work diligently to ensure that our mineral rights partners always receive top-dollar valuation for their interests. We will always show you our work—education and transparency about the value of your legacy is the key to our success.

Why Sell Your Mineral Rights?

Reduced Risk

Smart investors always look to eliminate risk. By selling your minerals, you mitigate the risk of fluctuations in oil and gas prices, production levels, regulatory changes, and environmental factors that can reduce the value of your assets. Mineral rights are depreciating assets, and possible future gains from royalties are never guaranteed.

Tax Advantages

Many mineral rights owners choose to sell their assets to leverage the capital gains tax treatment. Royalties are taxed as ordinary income, which can be taxed as high as 39.6% . By contrast, funds received from selling your mineral rights are taxed as capital gains, instead, which have a much lower tax rate. If you own investment property and are considering selling it and buying another property, we can also perform a 1031 tax-deferred exchange.

Cash Payment

A sizable cash payment can empower you to make more stable investments, plan for retirement, or diversify your assets. Cash can also help simplify your estate planning process and ensure a confident future for your loved ones.

How BCFP Capital Works

Ultimately, mineral rights are depreciating assets. The amount of oil and gas that is extracted from a well significantly declines over time. As a result, your royalties will also decline at a similar rate. Many modern wells are also drilled horizontally, which results in an even more steep decline curve than conventional wells. If you are fortunate enough to receive mineral rights royalties, the first check you get is typically the largest. Following that, royalty payments will decline at a rapid rate. 

Additionally, there are many risks associated with mineral rights royalties, from operational risks such as cost overruns to governmental risks including fracking bans. These risks can collapse the value of your mineral rights overnight and cripple any potential royalties you are owed. 

BCFP Capital helps mineral rights holders eliminate these risks by making a one-time cash offer for your mineral rights rather than paying out royalties. We are a well-established and self-financed company specializing solely in mineral and royalty investments. Our experienced team has the funding available right now to close on an offer quickly, with no need to flip your assets or raise funds to close. Our focus is on providing secure assistance to mineral rights holders who want to maximize the value of their assets.

How Are Mineral Rights Valued by BCFP Capital?

At BCFP Capital, we understand the importance of obtaining fair value for your mineral interests. We navigate the complexities of this process with a thorough, structured approach aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for you. We take pride in the transparency of our mineral rights valuations. You will never have to wonder what secret formula we used to determine the value of your assets. 

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Oil and Gas Activity

The local landscape of oil and gas production can significantly influence the value of your assets. By studiously monitoring activity around the location of your mineral interests, we generate informed appraisals driven by real-time data. Higher-producing wells in the vicinity typically corroborate a greater valuation of your minerals, whilst fewer wells may suggest a more conservative approach.

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Expert Engineering Assessment

The geological profile of your asset’s location matters. Our seasoned engineering team brings their considerable expertise to the table, working diligently to understand the unique factors influencing your holdings. With BCFP Capital, you gain the confidence that every aspect of your asset’s geological features are being considered in your assessment.

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Current Commodity Prices

The volatility in oil and gas prices can be complex to navigate. However, by constantly monitoring market prices and forecasts, we incorporate current and future commodity prices into your offer value. Over the past three years alone, we’ve seen oil prices shift wildly. Our partners can rest assured that we are attuned to these market shifts and prioritize your best interests at all times.

Retaining control over your financial future and legacy is your prerogative; working with BCFP Capital ensures a professional, approachable, and motivated team member at your side to understand these variables with clarity, confidence, and partnership.

Get Started with BCFP Capital Today

Ready to protect your legacy by selling your mineral rights? Reach out to our team of experts at BCFP Capital to discuss your personal financial objectives and learn more about our transparent and efficient process. Together, let’s build a more secure, prosperous, and confident future for your family or organization in three simple steps:

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Step 1: Valuation

BCFP Capital provides mineral rights owners with a written offer for their interests based on our expert petroleum engineering team’s evaluation and analysis of all factors.

Step 2: Due Diligence

When we receive your signed offer, our team will begin our closing title research to verify ownership details and ensure that you get full value for your mineral rights interests.

Step 3: Payment

As soon as our title verification and due diligence is approved, your payment is tendered. BCFP Capital is fully self-financed and never relies on outside sources for payments.

Let's Begin the Process of Maximizing Your Mineral Rights.