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Meet the BCFP Capital Team

BCFP Capital is not a single investor, nor are we a bank. We are a collective of highly skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds, united by a singular vision. We believe in the power of collaboration, expert guidance, and shared growth, because we’re more than just buyers—we’re your partners in an exciting financial journey.

Our team comprises experts from various disciplines, each a seasoned veteran in their domain. But the strength of BCFP Capital isn’t limited to years of experience or the breadth of qualifications. Each team member is fully committed to our ethos of guiding with clarity, providing expert insights that are both knowledgeable yet straightforward.

Our Leadership

Each of our leaders offers a unique blend of financial expertise, strategic acumen, and unwavering dedication to every client’s success. They stand at the helm, navigating the complex currents of our industry with unshakeable confidence, without forgetting the importance of friendly guidance and approachable communication.

Richard Hamilton

Richard J. Hamilton, III

President & CEO

In the image, Christopher Huff is depicted.

Christopher Huff

Chief Financial Officer

In the image, Lauren P. Harper is depicted.

Lauren P. Harper

Chief Operations Officer

In the image, Welles Fitzpatrick is depicted.

Welles Fitzpatrick

Chief Investment Officer

In the image, John W. Adams is depicted.

John W. Adams, III, CPL

Vice President of Investments

Best Places to Work

For five years straight, our team has been named one of Houston’s Best Places to Work by the Houston Business Journal. We are extremely proud to provide a collaborative and inclusive workplace for all of team members, because we care for each other just as much as we care for our mineral owner

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BCFP Capital -
Your Financial Guides

At BCFP Capital, we believe in a collaborative approach, putting our Partners success at the heart of our mission. We couple our technical knowledge with a spirit of partnership, thus creating a more harmonious and fruitful relationship with our mineral owners.

Actively involved in every stage of your transaction, we consistently provide guidance aimed towards your success, while providing you the opportunity to take control of your financial future. We’re confident in our expertise, and we’re eager to share it. After all, the true measure of our success is delivering you an opportunity to build a confident financial future and alleviate a risky asset, with a team committed to education, transparency, and industry leading offers.

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