Building Confident Futures

BCFP Capital Builds Confident Futures for Mineral Rights Owners

BCFP Capital is your trusted partner in the mineral and royalty industry. As a self-financed and well-established firm, we are dedicated to helping mineral owners maximize the value of their assets through education, transparency, and industry leading offers. Join us in building a confident future together!

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Securing Your Legacy

BCFP Capital recognizes the hard work and legacy associated with the mineral rights our partners own and cherish, and we help protect the value of that legacy by alleviating risks like commodity price fluctuations, regulatory concerns, and underperforming wells, among others.

Our cash payments provide mineral owners control over their asset and future.  BCFP Capital does not flip deals in order to close transactions. Our firm is a long-term investor that works diligently to ensure that mineral rights owners receive only the highest valuation for their interest, commensurate with the value of the legacy and heritage of their land. 

How BCFP Capital Works

We build confident futures in three easy steps:


BCFP Capital provides mineral rights owners with a written offer for their interests based on our expert petroleum engineering team’s evaluation and analysis of all factors.


When we receive your signed offer, our team will begin our closing title research to verify ownership details and ensure that you get full value for your mineral rights interests.


As soon as our title verification and due diligence is approved, your payment is tendered. BCFP Capital is fully self-financed and never relies on outside sources for payments.

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Unmatched Mineral Rights Experience

With a combined 100+ years of experience in the mineral industry, our team is uniquely positioned to accurately and transparently value your acreage. Utilizing our in-house petroleum engineering department, we apply cutting-edge technology to ensure that you always receive top-dollar valuations for your interests.


Simplified Estate Planning and Diversification

Selling your minerals to BCFP Capital gives you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio while simplifying estate planning. Retirees will gain peace of mind knowing the value of your assets has been properly maximized, and use the funds to support any of your financial goals, such as college tuition or tax planning. 

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Trust and Transparency

At BCFP Capital, we prioritize trust and transparency above all else. From the initial valuation to the final payment, we walk you through each step of our process to ensure that you understand and feel confident in your partnership with us.


Efficient Due Diligence and Prompt Payment

Our skilled team conducts closing title research to verify ownership swiftly and efficiently. Once the due diligence and title verification are approved, we promptly issue your payment—another reason why our partners are consistently satisfied with our services.

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Our Principle Values

We take our partnerships seriously and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards at BCFP Capital. Together, we follow seven principle values to keep us accountable. These values are ingrained in the fabric of our organization, ensuring we consistently fulfill our purpose of building confident futures for every mineral rights owner we partner with. Our principle values are as follows:

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Building Confident Futures

BCFP Capital takes pride in upholding our values of integrity, professionalism, and exceptional service in every partnership. Hear what our mineral rights owners say about selling to us:

Let's Begin the Process of Maximizing Your Mineral Rights.